Sometimes it is difficult to see whether any change in a treatment protocol is effective. This is especially true where the ailment gives such a wide range of symptoms, such as autism, CFS, Lyme disease etc, and where the treatment gives a consistent but gradual improvement. By keeping a record of symptoms over a period, it is possible to see which interventions give the best results, and which ones do not help.

The questionnaires on this website will help you evaluate your treatments and keep a record of what is helping, so that you can work towards formulating your own personal treatment plan. These questionnaires can be done at home and it is suggested that they are completed monthly

These questionnaires are not intended to diagnose any ailment, nor are they intended to imply any medical advice.

For autism, use the ATEC.

For co-infection ailments such as Lyme disease, CFS, ME etc, use the COINTEC.

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