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Score sheet for assessing ME, CFS, Lyme disease and associated ailments.

Please complete the following questionnaire. This will generate your COINTEC score and you will be able to log in with the participants name and your mail address in future to track your history.


Thank you to the Hummingbird Foundation, for a very informative website on all aspects of ME (www.hfme.org).

This has been an invaluable resource in helping to pull together this evaluation checksheet to assess the benefits or otherwise of natural treatments that do not go through the standard accepted clinic trial process.

Date username Feedback Overall Score Pie Chart
2017-02-25 00:16:34 sillia Doing this every two months: 67 --> 39 --> 23 --> today? 17
2017-02-20 11:38:13 Zoe Using phage probiotics Recently discovered glutin sensativity 139
2017-01-01 23:40:31 Sterling Na 79
2017-01-01 23:38:50 Sterling Na 79
2017-01-01 23:36:55 Sterling Na 79